Optical satellite observation station on the island of New AmsterdamMartin-de-Viviès - base in the north of the island of New Amsterdam 

L'île de la Nouvelle-Amsterdam (37°47′48″S  77°34′23″E) - an island in the Indian Ocean, part of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories / TAAF /. The island Île_Amsterdam is located about the same distance from the coast of Antarctica, Australia and Africa. Volcanic Island area of 58 km². The highest point of the island (Mont de la Dives) is located at an altitude of 867 meters above sea level. At 85 kilometers to the south of the island is a small uninhabited island Île_Saint-Paul. Astronomical Council of the USSR Academy created observation station for holding a photographic observations of artificial satellites of Earth on the camera AFU -75 what served as an important basis for the implementation of the first global geodetic program Big chord.

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Igor Abakumov
 February 26, 2017