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The center of mass of the system Earth - Moon / barycentre  / : 4670 km from the center of the Earth / inside of the globe, the radius of the Earth = 6378 km /

On an elliptical orbit around the Sun is moving point of the system Earth - Moon , which is the barycentre.


Moon - with amy bright object the night sky. The full moon 's brightness = 12.7m , that in 2500 times greater than the max brightness of Venus.

        Min the distance from the Earth (km) / Perigee /= 348 259 ( between surfaces )

The maximum distance from the Earth (km) / Apogee / = 398 604 ( between surfaces )

For Moon central body is the earth, around which she turns in an elliptical orbit. Average orbital velocity = 1 km/s



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How formed the Moon

According to recent studies, the Moon was formed as a result of the collision of a large asteroid - a small planet with the Earth. Computer simulation of the collision indicates that a single collision with the object, the size of at least from the planet Mars ! the last stage of the formation of Earth could give the existing system of the Earth - the Moon . At the moment of impact the Earth was less than one-third of its current size. At the end of the collision Earth was whirling day ~ 5 hours.


Formation of the Moon


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